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Chang Yin Sun

SunChangYinHSChang Yin Sun was the Fine Arts Editor for Wen Xue Qing Nian (Literary Youth Magazine) in China before he immigrated to Canada. He has painted numerous oil paintings and won several awards for his art work in China. His large mural, Swan Lake, yielded him the title of Outstanding Artist by the Canadian Government. He has also written a number of books including Chang Yin Sun’s Water Ink Portrait of the Human body, Sketches of Human body, How to Use the Palette Knife for Oil Painting and Chang Yin Sun Oil Painting Art. In 2006 after over a year of researching and preparing, Sun completed his large oil painting, Blood and Tear:Century of Chinese Immigrants, which was depicting the hardship endured by the early Chinese
immigrants in Canada. Sun is currently the Vice Chair of the Chinese Canadian Fine Art Association.