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Martine Massaar


Canada is my third country. I was born in Indonesia of Dutch parents and I was exposed to the beauty of this country; the mountains, the beautiful flowers and lush fruit trees and not to forget the animals.  World War 2 showed me the ugly side of life. The Japanese took Indonesia (then called Java) and put us in concentration camps where I almost died from starvation. But my whole family miraculously survived.
After the war we went back to the Netherlands. There I experienced snow for the first time. How beautiful! I loved the farm fields with the fat cows. I spend much time near the ocean and explored the dunes. My father took me to museums and beautiful churches and ancient villages. Art was all around me.
I came to Canada in 1960 to visit my brothers and here I met my husband. So, I have been living here most of my life. After the first culture shock, I learned to love this beautiful free and wide land. My artist friend taught me to paint with oil and water color and I have been doing it off and on for thirty years.
I love painting animals and nature.