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Andrea End

2015HSAEndMost people live in cities and spend hours every day on screens.
My offering is a window with a view that inspires to pause, disconnect and be present.
I am a professional visual artist, painting landscapes in gouache, an opaque watercolour. Gouache is an uncommon fine are medium and gives my paintings a unique look.
Inspired by sunlight my subject is landscape.
There is growing evidence that being in, near, or on the water reduces stress. People are drawn to waterscapes. We react emotionally to paintings including water scenes and express feeling calm and joy.
In my recent work “Echos of the Landscape”, I remove the visual anchor of the land, capturing just the shapes, swirls and hints of the landscape above.
For both me and my audience my paintings are an anchor. Take a breath; look through the window and feel the chatter stop.

I work from my studio in my home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.